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Environmental Litigation and Regulatory Affairs

Accomplished New Jersey Attorneys Handle Environmental Matters

New Jersey’s densely populated land and rich industrial history have made the state a center of environmental litigation. As science changes the way we regard certain substances, the law adjusts to meet new priorities. In this volatile legal landscape, Brennan Law Firm stays on top of the most recent developments and provides authoritative counsel in matters relating to environmental issues. Our Cranbury attorneys represent a wide range of gas retailers, auto repair facilities, industrial and commercial establishments, environmental contractors and other clients throughout New Jersey. In contamination cleanup cases, regulatory matters or environmental lawsuits, we will assert your rights effectively. This includes seeking relief from previous owners and liable third parties where appropriate. With more than two decades of legal experience, our firm has a deep understanding of Federal and State environmental laws, including rules governing remediation plans and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection cases. We leverage this knowledge to maximize our clients’ ability to pursue cleanup recovery costs, succeed in lawsuits arising from environmental claims, and obtain regulatory approvals. Our lawyers provide detailed advice on specific statutes such as these:

  • New Jersey Spill Act — The Spill Act is our key tool in pursuing cleanup costs for clients as it provides strict liability for parties who cause contamination and allows for the recovery of treble damages.
  • Underground Storage Tank requirements — New Jersey has detailed rules regarding underground storage tanks. Our lawyers help clients take the proper measures to address these situations on commercial sites, such as gas stations and other environmentally sensitive businesses, as well as on residential properties.
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act — Certain types of industrial sites must be investigated for contamination and possibly remediated prior to a property transfer. If you are responsible for this type of site, we address the guidelines you must follow and potential funding that might be available.
  • Site Remediation Reform Act — This important legislation requires responsible parties to clean up contaminated premises in a prompt, proactive manner. However, serious differences can exist regarding necessary steps because each site is unique. We have the resources and experience to craft a successful plan to meet your obligations.

Whether you are engaged in a private environmental dispute or are dealing with bodies such as the State Department of Environmental Protection or Federal Environmental Protection Agency, we take an active approach to securing a fair outcome for the short and long term.

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